A Feast of a Beer

Our King Puck Pale Ale celebrates tradition, bringing together friends old and new to revel in the craic and ceol of Puck Fair. It’s said that “All roads lead to Puck” but only one beer makes the festival!

Crafty Divils’ aim is to provide great tasting hand crafted locally Irish beer bursting with flavours, aromas and textures brewed for your enjoyment.

King Puck Pale Ale is a lovely smooth and easy drinking Pale Ale. Dry hopped for depth of flavour with hints of citrus, spicy and floral aromas. This is a down to earth session beer made for any day or night.

This is a hoppy beer with a unique blend of Irish Malts brewed to give intense grapefruit and citrus flavours. Craft brewed in Ireland using 4 natural ingredients- Water, Barley, Yeast and Hops.

Iron Bridge Amber Ale is named after the old railway bridge in Killorglin which spans the river Laune. This feat of engineering is still seen today and proudly stands the test of time with its rusty copper patina. The bridge like our Iron Bridge amber ale has become an iconic feature of the Killorglin town.

Brewed with 4 different malts, this beer has hints of toffee & a fruity background.

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Brewed with Cara and Pale Ale malt, this is a down to earth session beer made for any day or night…read more
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The Crafty Divils aim is to provide great tasting, hand-crafted locally, Irish beer bursting with flavours, aromas and textures which would appeal to both male and females…read more
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King Puck Granola

This is a great recipe for those of you who would like a healthy breakfast/ brunch with no added sugar, or nasties in it. You can add this delicious granola to yogurt, smoothie bowls, and porridge, or munch on its own for a healthy nutricious snack. It will give you a boost until your next […]

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