Roisin and David have started out as husband and wife home brewers, having brewed at home over the past 7-8 years and progressed to brewing at other craft breweries with the intention to build our very own brewery in Killorglin on the banks of the River Laune, County Kerry, Ireland.

crafty divils davidAfter many years of buckets, pipes, thermometers, sterilisers, Roisin and David felt that their tasty, hand-crafted beers were ready to be increased to commercial sized batches.

The Crafty Divils aim is to provide great tasting, hand-crafted locally, Irish beer bursting with flavours, aromas and textures which would appeal to both male and females.

The beer we brew is inspired by feedback from customers and also the beers we would like to drink ourselves. The crafting of our beer is reflected in the unique taste of our beers. Our beer is a natural product with no added chemicals or additives, as opposed to the mass produced offerings of global companies. We use only the best ingredients in our full-flavoured craft beer which are carefully hand-crafted and brewed for your enjoyment.

Nurtured and living in Killorglin, and for our love of Puck Fair, it made perfect sense that our first beer would be crowned with the name King Puck Irish Pale Ale. This unique local hero provided the inspiration for our artwork on our first label.

The King Puck reigns over the town for 3 days. King Puck broke from his herd to warn the inhabitants of Killorglin that there was danger approaching. Oliver Cromwell was advancing on his conquest of Ireland in the 17th century.

The Puck Goat did his job and did it well. Our Pale Ale intends to do the same. Brewed with Cara and Pale Ale malt, this is a down to earth session beer made for any day or night.

crafty divils - roisinRoisin is currently doing exams to become a beer sommelier which assists in pairing Beer With Food – Craft Beer and Food pairing is growing particularly fast in restaurants and even more so in younger/newer restaurants.

Eateries such as Carrig House in Caragh Lake, Jacks Coastgaurd Restaurant in Cromane and Jamies’s Italian in Dundrum value the positive complimentary impact craft beers have on their food offering. As one craft brewer put it to us “the Irish restaurant is a natural home for craft beer”.

Roisin feels that her marketing degree will assist in getting their beers to reach out to their target market.

David has completed the certificate in brewing course. He has been home-brewing for years and is constantly researching recipes and new ideas to bring into the brew.

Crafty Divil’s Brewing Co. are currently brewing their beers in Kelly’s Mountain Brewery, while they are setting up their own Brewery on the Banks of the Laune in Killorglin, Co. Kerry.

Roisin and David aspire to have a Crafty Divils brewery in Killorglin town with local people making local beers.

Contact No 0857606842

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