Survival Guide to Puck Fair!!!

Written by admin on 8th August 2015

A typical run down if you haven’t been to Puck. Remember its a 3 day festival, its a marathon not a sprint.

The Gathering day

Stroll into town and absorb the atmosphere & bustle of the crowds congregating. This is the ideal time to grab the first pint of King Puck Pale Ale in Falvey’s bar and people watch as the crowd passes from the horse fair into the town.

If you have neglected to have breakfast, you can nip around the corner to Jack’s bakery to grab the well rated sausage and pudding roll……YUM, this will set you up right.

Stroll over to the horse fair (wellies are a good idea) and catch some of the wheeling and dealing, be careful though, you may leave with more that you bargained for!

You have built up a thirst now, so time to find your next King Puck Pale ale.

Kingstons is a good spot to relax and take stock before a visit around the stalls lining the streets with their wares. There is so many street performers and acts that cannot be missed. You could consider stopping in for Pat Tythers crepes up the small street past the Puck stand for a nibble en route to Library place to check out all the colourful characters. You could then venture to Bunkers for a pint of King Puck to whet your whistle and sit out on the street and watch the world go by.

It won’t be long now until King Puck himself is marched up through the town and crowned.

After this- the world is your oyster- enjoy 1,4,7 King Pucks at Francies, Eurospar, Carryout and Supervalu are all selling King Puck which would be a big thumbs up while watching Liam Byrne and Rualie Buaile at the Stage Truck. If you are a bit peckish- you cannot miss out on Gemma’s hotdog to prepare you for home and a good night sleep for Day 2- Fair Day.


Fair Day

Guys and gals- it is necessary to pull out the wellies for this day also. There will be a lot of bartering of cattle on Langford street- it is a must to walk up this street and see all the haggling by those selling cattle. Then venture down the hill and watch all the street performers. There is a lot of family activity around Library place. You could head for Bunkers for one of the best value fries and wash it down with a King Puck Pale Ale. There is so much to do and see around the stalls. Make sure to leave about 2-3 hours after this huge meal to head to Bird’s bizarre- where there are loads of fantastic rides and games to play. After this, one could venture down the hill and head into the Forge/ Kingstons beer garden or even Nicks and raise a glass to King Puck. Again- with the gig rig- don’t forget that you can buy bottles of King Puck from Francy Sheahans, Jones Eurospar, Carryout and Supervalu. All can be poured nicely into a plastic glass to enjoy as Derek Ryan performs on the stage truck on the street. It is a great experience to people watch having one or two on the streets of Puck Fair.


Scattering Day

The tummy might be a bit raw on day 3. So perhaps a jumbo breakfast roll would be pushing it. Get what you can into you in order to survive Day 3. The street performers and acts start in the square from 11am onwards. So it would be a wise to stroll around the streets and clear the head. Its is a good idea to buy from the stalls on Day 3 as the traders would be selling 2 for the price of 1. Then, if the weather is nice- one could head for Kingstons Beer garden or outside Falveys for a pint/glass of King Puck. The Dethronement parade begins at 5.45pm. You would have a great view from outside Francies/ Nicks/ Falvey’s of the parade. It is a good idea after the parade to get a good big feed into you. You could consider treating yourself to Nicks or Bunkers for a sit down- Or if you fancy walking and eating there is loads of stalls and vans that are preparing fast food to be enjoyed by all. Hopefully you haven’t hit the wall- as this is the final few hours left. Springbreak are a great act performing on the stage truck to ring in the amazing fireworks display at 11.45 on the bridge in Killorglin. You could pick up bottles of King Puck in Jones Eurospar, Carryout or even Peter Keanes Supervalue to enjoy the fireworks display from plastic glasses. If you have made it to the finish line- hope you have the feeling of crossing over the finish line as you have just completed the Puck festival in style. Don’t forget to grab yourself a King Puck Crafty Divils t-shirt to remember the festival by. You can pick them up in Jones Eurospar- one for €25 or 2 for €40. There is green and brown trendy t-shirts- both very different from eachother- so pick the one you like best and wear it to tear it.





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